During World War 1, carrier pigeons were used to communicate between military frontlines. By World War 2, two-way radios became common place, and played a decisive role in many battles. Amazingly, the fundamentals of two-way radio technology that began after World War 1 still apply today. Working and compliant radio equipment, that is safe to use, is needed by many users throughout the world.

About Us

Radiowell is America’s largest buyer of used two-way radio equipment. Our founders began reselling used-radio parts in 1998 and have a passion that continues today. Our employees share that passion – and this enthusiasm extends to our clients and recycle partners.

We are also a company with purpose. We are the only two-way radio company with a sustainable business objective directly tied to our business results.

With our commitment to the non-profit environmental organization, OneTreePlanted, we’ve agreed to pay the costs of planting one tree for every radio we purchase or recycle. We’ve joined well-known companies like Whole Foods, Netflix, and Adidas in bringing positive change to America’s forests.

Each year, Radiowell plants thousands of new trees nationwide. Small differences can make a big impact.

And we also bring new life to used and discarded radio equipment. Radio parts that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill will find new homes in the U.S. and abroad – or be recycled to build new items. We believe there is something great about what we do!

Our corporate offices are located in Hicksville, New York. If you wish to purchase from Radiowell, please click here to learn about our Recycle Partners program. Otherwise, please use the below contact information to reach us.

Hicksville, Long Island
(Headquarters/East Coast)

Lake Oswego, Oregon
(West Coast satellite)

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