Dallas Market Center Repurposes Surplus Radio Equipment to Support Reforestation Efforts

DALLAS, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dallas Market Center is the most complete wholesale trade resource in the world. Products include home, gift, lighting & accessories, and more. Since it was founded in 1957, the trade collaboration has grown into an international destination for trade events and product merchandising. Recently, the Market Center upgraded its onsite two-way communications to an all-digital system from Motorola to aid in more reliable and secure communications over its large campus. It then sought to repurpose its previous radio system and selected Radiowell to oversee the used radio disposition.

Radiowell, America’s largest wholesale- buyer and seller of used two-way radios, purchased the Market Center’s old Motorola system and included an environmental objective in the deal as well. Radiowell pledged to plant one tree in American’s National Forests for each former Market Center radio it purchased. This means nearly 200 new trees will be planted in 2023 as a direct result of the Dallas Market Center radio system upgrade. Bob Storer, Sr. Vice President of Dallas Market Center Protective Services explains, “As a well-known icon in global trade, we seek partners that maximize our asset values in a manner that aligns with environmental conscience.”

Every year, thousands of two-way radios are improperly discarded in landfills. These radios have value as scrap materials and can often be reused to support life-saving two-way communications in developing nations and places with financial constraints. Radiowell solves these issues with its network of domestic and international radio dealers as well as scrap partners. Andrew Park, Radiowell’s spokesperson stated, “We are focused [on doing] something good for the planet. And our impact on the used two-way radio space is helping organizations globally.”

Radiowell is the only two-way land mobile company with a sustainability objective tied to its business results. The objective of planting one tree for each radio purchased helps preserve local ecosystems and reduces the global carbon footprint. Radiowell believes that net positive environmental impact is attainable as the world upgrades technology. Organizations wishing to properly dispose of their old and used radios should visit the Sell My Radios form on Radiowell’s site or visit https://radiowell.com/sell/.

SOURCE Radiowell

Radiowell plants thousands of trees via its partnership with companies and government agencies that repurpose used and surplus two-way radios. Organizations wishing to dispose of their surplus radios should visit Radiowell.com/sell or https://www.Radiowell.com


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