GRANT Program

As America’s leader in used radio equipment, we have a responsibility to give back to those who need it most. Radiowell’s GRANT program provides public safety agencies and schools with used but functional radio equipment. The equipment is provided for no cost.

To be eligible for a public-safety grant, your organization must be a police, fire, EMS, or other public safety rescue agency.  For schools, you must be a public K-12 institution that is accredited by your state’s education regulator. To be considered for a Radiowell GRANT, please complete the below form and your information will recorded into Radiowell’s GRANT database. If and when we have a potential match, we will contact you.

Henry's Creek Rangeland Fire Protection Association (RFPA) is the most recent recipient of the Radiowell GRANT program.

Things to know

  • Equipment availability is limited to Radiowell’s inventory and other factors.
  • We have no estimated timeframes on when (or if) we will receive equipment
  • We can only fulfill a small portion of the requests we receive.
  • Our telephone representatives cannot answer questions regarding the GRANT program. Please use the below form if you have questions

Radiowell GRANT Request

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