MSRC Contributes Surplus Two-Way Radios to Support Reforestation Efforts

EVERETT, WASHINGTON – Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) is the largest oil spill removal organization (OSRO) in the United States. The not-for-profit organization is funded by the oil and gas industry to effectively respond to oil spills on land and in U.S. marine waterways. To support its mission critical land- and sea-based operations, MSRC uses two-way radio communications. It recently upgraded to a new communication system and therefore needed to dispose of its old two-way radio equipment. As MSRC sought a partner that would maximize the value of its surplus radio assets, it found Connecticut-based Greenwich Radios, a buyer that shared its mission of environmental responsibility. In addition to providing MSRC with a fair value for its used radios and facilitating an easy transaction with free pickup from its Everett, Washington warehouse, Greenwich Radios leveraged its partnership with OneTreePlanted to pay the costs of planting 85 trees in America’s National Forests with the savings from the recycled assets. Richard Braun, Telecommunications & IS Supervisor for MSRC, remarked “This was the smoothest and quickest transaction I’ve had in years, from beginning to end! And using our old radio equipment to support reforestation efforts is truly profound.” The recent MSRC and Greenwich Radios transaction is an encouraging illustration of private parties using normal business activities to support the more important cause of environmentally responsibility.
Packed and ready to go. MSRC’s ships its used two-way radios from Washington state to New York.
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