Our Purpose

Radiowell is a company driven by passion. Our passion to provide top value to our clients and recycle partners. And our purpose is to turn used radio equipment into something good for the planet.

Each year, thousands of two-way radios are discarded improperly. Many in manners that are harmful to the environment. And this is spite of the fact that many people, throughout the U.S. and abroad, can use these parts for repairs, reuse, or recycling.

At Radiowell, we turn used radios into something beneficial for everyone.

As a company with purpose, we sought a goal that was core to our business and good for the planet. We chose to partner with OneTreePlanted and pledged to pay the costs of planting one tree for every single radio we purchase. In cooperation with the U.S. National Forest Service, our trees are planted in 150 national forests across 43 states. Our partnership provides an encouraging illustration of what be achieved through working together and fulfills the even more important requirement of environmental responsibility.

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