Toyota Selects Radiowell for Sustainable Disposition of Old Radios

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As part of Toyota Industries Group’s continuing effort to support sustainability, Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America (TICA) has selected Radiowell for sustainable disposition of its used communication equipment.

The “largest manufacturer of vehicle compressors for air conditioning systems,” TICA produces nearly 5 million units for the automotive industry and strives to “Make the earth a better place to live, enrich lifestyles, and promote a compassionate society,” according to its website. A spokesperson for TICA says, “Toyota has several environmental partners supporting our efforts toward environmental sustainability. Selecting Radiowell afforded us an opportunity to further minimize waste while enhancing biodiversity through reforestation.”

TICA selected Radiowell because of its ongoing commitment to engage with partners who have a shared vision of the value of sustainable solutions. Many of their surplus radios were in turn donated to the American Red Cross via the Radiowell GRANT program and will be used to support the communication needs of emergency service providers in more than 60 Pennsylvania counties. And as part of Radiowell’s “1 Radio = 1 Tree” program, TICA’s used radios will result in further support of the reforestation of the Appalachia Mountains initiative.

Volunteers plant new trees as part of the Appalachia Tree Initiative.

Radiowell covers the costs incurred to plant trees in exchange for the opportunity to recycle unwanted but usable two-way radios as well as related equipment. “The planet’s health is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to limit functional, yet unwanted communication equipment from being discarded and populating our nation’s landfills,” said Radiowell spokesperson Andrew Park.

Click here for further information about Radiowell’s GRANT to the American Red Cross. Companies and government agencies seeking solutions for their used radio equipment should complete the Sell Used Radios form to learn how their decommissioned radios can be repurposed for maximum value and minimal environmental impact. Radiowell specializes in asset disposition of end of life radios.

About Radiowell:

Founded in 1998, Radiowell began as a passion project and has continued to grow into America’s largest buyer of used two-way radio equipment. Radiowell is a conscience-driven company dedicated to repurposing decommissioned used radio equipment. Radiowell buys surplus radios or used two-way radios as well as wireless equipment, thus offering interested parties opportunities to reuse, repair, or recycle their unwanted, outdated, or unneeded equipment. Interested donation recipients may learn more about Radiowell’s GRANT program here.

SOURCE Radiowell

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1 month ago

Toyota is the world’s largest car manufacturer because they know good business. The company is more “green” than Tesla, but the fake media promotes Tesla because they think electric vehicles are actually climate friendly. Yet, they are proving not to be, and only beneficial to China… end of rant! But yes, it’s great Toyota did something good with their old radios.

Last edited 1 month ago by Bobby
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