West Milwaukee Police Department Demonstrates Environmental Stewardship with Surplus Radios

WEST MILWAUKEE, Jan. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ The West Milwaukee Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency serving the community of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recently, the agency upgraded its two-way radio system to enhance the reliability and interoperability of its wireless communications. It then needed a vendor to collect the decommissioned radio equipment.

The agency sought a communications partner that could provide fair market value of its radios via an environmentally responsible process. It chose New York-based Radiowell to meet these objectives.

Radiowell provided market value for the equipment and pledged to plant one tree for every radio removed from service; the trees are planted in America’s National Forests. “We seek innovative partners that assist our agency’s operations” explained Corporal Steffen C. Pawlak of the West Milwaukee Police, “and we especially appreciate those that meet our shared objective of environmental stewardship.”

Radiowell, America’s largest wholesaler of used two-way radios, will dispose of West Milwaukee’s equipment via a three-prong strategy. First, functional equipment will be resold to Radiowell’s partnering radio dealers. Second, equipment will be donated to support public safety and non-profit associations. And third, unusable equipment will be recycled via an environmentally responsible process.

The West Milwaukee Police Department is unique in its desire to find innovative ways to dispose of old radio equipment. Most government agencies send their equipment to electronic waste companies that charge them significant handling fees. Additionally, waste companies often lack the technical competency to decommission radios and fail to properly recycle the thousands of components in each radio.

Radiowell spokesperson Andrew Park explains, “We estimate that nearly 75% of government-owned used radio equipment is sent to e-waste companies; where it may later fall into the wrong hands, be inefficiently recycled, or sold to parts scrappers that resell the parts as new. Electronic waste companies are appropriate for recycling hard drives and lightbulbs but have limitations with specialty equipment like commercial-grade two-way radios.”

Radiowell specializes in radio equipment and is the nation’s leader in used-radio asset disposition. Its dealer network offers top value for used equipment, and the company is the only two-way land mobile company with a sustainability objective tied to its business results. This objective helps preserve ecosystems and reduces the global carbon footprint.

Government agencies seeking value-maximizing and sustainable solutions for surplus radios should complete the Sell Radios form on Radiowell’s site.

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