Worthington Industries Supports Volunteer Fire Fighters with Surplus Two-Way Radios

NEW YORK, NY: September 7, 2023/PRNewswire/  – Worthington Industries (NYSE: WOR) is a multi-billion dollar steel processing company with a history of living by the Golden Rule, and its recent asset disposition partnership with Radiowell – America’s largest wholesaler of used two-way radios – will support under-funded volunteer fire departments.

Radiowell’s Sustainability Initiative Attracted Worthington: Worthington Industries had a surplus of two-way radio equipment that was no longer needed, so the company sought the assistance of Radiowell for sustainable asset disposition. Radiowell is the only land mobile company with sustainability tied to its business results. With its strategic partnerships, Radiowell plants one tree in America’s forests for each radio it receives.

And through its GRANT program, Radiowell distributes functional secondhand equipment to public safety organizations in need of support. The equipment is given to the recipients free of charge.

Worthington’s equipment will support the life-saving work of volunteer fire fighters. Worthington’s transformation manager Jeffery Smith says, “Radiowell’s commitment to sustainability echoes our own desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while working toward net-zero emissions by 2050. Knowing that some of our old equipment will be put to use in the field and will support the vital work done by volunteer fire fighters made the decision to partner with Radiowell a simple yet satisfying one.”

Discarded, yet mechanically-sound electronics often end up in landfills simply because no one has made a commitment to finding an appropriate partner with the right resources. According to Radiowell spokesperson Andrew Park, “Partnerships with corporate leaders like Worthington ensure that used radio equipment is decommissioned properly, so that each and every component is disposed of appropriately and sustainably.”

About Radiowell: Radiowell partners with leading organizations to extend the life of existing communications equipment and to plant new trees for each radio it receives. Certain equipment is donated and other equipment is either sold for parts or recycled.

Radiowell encourages eligible public safety rescue agencies, including EMS, fire, and police organizations to submit an application for consideration of a future equipment donation. Visit the GRANT Program page here for more details. Grants are not guaranteed and are contingent upon current inventory and other limitations.

Leading companies or government agencies that seek a better purpose for their used two-way equipment should visit the Sell My Used Two-Way Radios form on Radiowell’s site.

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